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Development Plan 2023-2029

Each local authority is required to publish a development plan that sets out the vision for the county and should develop over the life of the Plan while ensuring compliance with national and regional policy. Fingal County Council explains the process very well; I would recommend giving it a quick read before coming back here!

Fingal Development Plan 2023-2029 | Fingal County Council

Fingal County Council is beginning this process for developing the 2023-2029 Fingal Development Plan. The process launched with a Strategic Issues Paper and public consultation around its seven key themes:

  1. People & Place
  2. Climate Action
  3. Connectivity & Movement
  4. Employment Economy & Dublin Airport
  5. Cultural Heritage
  6. Green Infrastructure & Natural Heritage
  7. Infrastructure & Utilities

The first round of public consultation submissions and the supporting documents can be viewed here. Cllr Pamela Conroy, Roderic O’Gorman TD, and I submitted a joint observation to the consultation, which can be viewed here.

Development plan timeline

What is the next step?

In the process’s lifetime (in the image below), we are in part C, in the plan preparation process!

The submissions from this consultation are considered when the Chief Executive, AnnMarie Farrelly, publishes her report. This report contains four parts.

  1. An introduction to the report
  2. Summary of submissions from several key bodies (Office of the planning regulator, Eastern Midland Regional Assembly and the National Transport Authority) & the CE’s response to them
  3. Summary from all submissions, and her response & recommendations
  4. Chief Executives recommendations


This two hundred and twelve-page document is the spine of the Draft Development Plan. It is to go before councilors at the end of this month (August), where councilors can add, amend and retract recommendations from the report. We hope to amend the report to push for more progressive, sustainable, and climate lead objectives that better the communities of Fingal.

Read the full Fingal Development Plan article here.

how our party is helping

What are the Greens doing?

Daniel Whooley
Green Party Logo

We’re working hard with the local authority.

The Green Party councillors of Fingal put our heads together, looked through as many submissions to the initial public consultation, talked to stakeholders and submitted a total of 139 motions to the report (You read that right, one hundred and thirty-nine motions…).

They range from creating a map of all the accessible parking spaces to developing a publicly owned, not-for-profit energy company to provide low carbon heat to local community buildings by converting excess heat from high energy waste businesses in the county.

A lot of great work was done there, and I have to commend Cllr David Healy, who has helped guide the group through this process! His experience dealing with the previous development plan and working in politics as an activist, and a researcher for the party, has allowed newer councillors like myself to understand the process. He has taken the lead too on motions on the Plan, as you can see my the massive 45 motions he has submitted!




You can see all the motions submitted by Green Party Councillors below

GP cllrs Motions on Dev Plan CE report


Stay Updated

I will post an update after the motions go before the full council is voted on. These meetings should be webcast, so keep an eye out here to see every county council stream, both live or previously recorded sessions!


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