Privacy Policy

 On this page, we will go over our privacy policy. For the international online community that we are, privacy rules are a challenge, since there are no global agreements on this. Daniel Whooley Cllr is registered in the Rep. of Ireland and we will, therefore, abide by the GDPR.

In this policy, we will explain what personal data do we collect, why, for how long, and on what legal grounds, and how we secure your privacy to the extent of our abilities. Realize that if you follow Daniel Whooley Cllr on social media such as Instagram or Facebook, they have their own policy on Data Protection that is beyond our reach. We will explain how we use digital cookies. Let’s start with the official privacy policy.

Customers & Clients

The Daniel Whooley Cllr customers and clients are made up of people all from the Dublin area and beyond, who aim to improve their physical health by working with Daniel Whooley Cllr at our Orthopedic Sports Therapist Clinic. When you become our customer or client by submitting your details on our contact form or through our booking system, we ask for your name, your email address, contact number and we get to see your country. We might receive additional data that you send us voluntarily in a message through email, or contact form, or on our socials.  We collect your data to welcome you as an Daniel Whooley Cllr customer or client, and to send you booking information on your appointments, occasional exclusive information on what’s happening in the world of Daniel Whooley Cllr, and also to let you know about our offers and updates. We do so because you asked us to do this when you signed up on our contact form. The legal basis is permission, and you can step out of the community at any time by using the signing-off link in our emails.

We are happy to receive your emails, and most of the time we delete it directly after reading it. Sometimes we keep it for a few months to give us some time to respond or to remember any ideas or requests that you ask us.

Any response that you give on our social media channels will remain posted until you delete it yourself, or the channel decides to archive or delete your messages. When we decide that a response is compromising in any way, we are free to delete that response.


Only Daniel Whooley Cllr employees shall have access to the data that we collect. We pass on your information to other parties when and to the extent that this is necessary for providing you our services.

  •  IT service providers parties that collect reviews, or supply hosting services,
  •  Partners that help Daniel Whooley Cllr out with doing business such as delivery partners, pay-roll services (only for employees), administration office or payment module agencies and our affiliates;

With the third parties that receive personal data, we conclude data processing agreements.

Social Media

We use social media channels to provide community information. Mainly YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. In order to see our social media on these channels, you have to accept their privacy policy. These channels collect a lot of your personal data on their behalf. Note that we are not responsible for such services. These channels do not return personal data to us. 

Other Third Parties

We are also obliged to share customer information with government authorities in the case of suspicious situations. We will not sell your personal information to third parties. We do not use your data for profiling.

Data Storage

We save your information in several databases, and we always use strict safety measures. Your information is saved within the European Union or is passed on to countries outside of the European Union, which ensures that your privacy remains protected in the best way possible as officially determined by the EU.


We can’t live without cookies, so we obviously collect functional cookies. These cookies help us to give you the best Daniel Whooley Cllr experience; such as monitoring whether you view our content on your mobile, desktop, or tablet, so we can display the website properly. You do not need to give us permission to serve you these functional cookies.

We also favor analytic cookies. We use Google Analytics and these cookies help us to figure out what our gDaniel Whooley Cllr client or customer desires the most at a certain moment. This helps us to pitch new ideas when the customer or client is waiting for them. We do not collect your individual data for our Analytics. We collect anonymized data such as your region, and how long you have visited the website. We’ve actually made arrangements with Google Analytics that they will also only track your anonymized data. They don’t file your full IP address and don’t send you ads because of your visit to the Daniel Whooley Cllr website. Google is not allowed to share this data with others. You do not need to give us permission to serve you these cookies.

If you’d rather not have any cookies at all, be sure to arrange this yourself within your browser settings. You can turn off our cookies and JavaScript. Please note that our website does not work optimally if you do so. How to turn off or delete cookies is explained by your browser. As a service, we provide you the hyperlinks to every browser we know: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, Safari (iOS), Safari (macOS).


If you have questions or suggestions after reading this, please send us an with the subject PRIVACY, so we can get back to you soon.


This privacy policy was last edited on the 25th of May 2022.